Everything about jug fishing

I reside in Kentucky and I'd adore to know the best location to capture large blues, and flatheads. I relished your report Incidentally....

I fish a shell out lake in south carolina, I want bream and blue gill also......Major i have caught this calendar year is really a thirty lb flathead and 30 lb blue

Now maybe for me and never a great deal the fish, I choose to fish the summertime nites. Things are just various at nite. Fish are shallow, Sunlight isn't cookin' ya, stars are out, It really is really interesting to hear each of the wild noises and wounder If they're comin' to have ya .

Nicely the excursion failed to go so excellent. I'd two poles rigged up one particular was rigged with 65 pound examination braided line which i had the bream on. 2nd was rigged for lesser recreation just 25lb exam. Absolutely nothing at any time touched my big pole but just as we were about to depart my scaled-down pole bent like crazy i picked it up and there was absolutely nothing that i could do.

Hello there Grant, of the many issues I have been given this a single is hard to reply. Let me get started out declaring that one yr I marked out all the complete moons on my dayplanner, vowing never to fish any more of these that I had way too. Very well as my luck would go three months that year I had opportunity to go on total moon cycles. How did it go, effectively two on the 3 have been great fishing! The opposite was pretty well a nibblers shutout. So so far as the moon goes, if I have an opportunity to go fishing I'm going, complete moon or not.

Stage one: You must decide what depth you should fish and how deep you'll want your bait for being presented.

Regular 3-Way RigPictured: S The a few-way rig is another choice so adaptable that it ought to not less than be deemed in many catfishing cases. It’s a powerful rig for presenting static baits inside the heavy latest of a tailrace or even the still waters of a lake or pond. But it’s unparalleled for slipdrifting on significant rivers like the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio, and for drifting windblown flats in significant reservoirs like Santee-Cooper. The three-way rig includes a dropper line 6 to 24 inches very long, anchored by a bell sinker of ample weight to keep the bait around bottom. A 50 percent-ounce sinker is likely to be ample in still water, but 3 to eight ounces are required to drift within the suggestions of wing dams for blue and channel cats. The leader needs to be a bit extended in comparison to the dropper line—typically 2 to 3 ft, according to present-day velocity. 3-way rigs also excel at extracting fish from spots in which other rigs can’t keep or return from. Say you’re fishing for channel cats more than a damaged-rock bottom under a lowhead dam.

To target flatheads which can be about the move, set baits on channel edges, flats, as well as other parts shut for their daytime include—travel routes they may get on their feeding forays.

Fish proceed to eat other Dwell or lifeless prey when The chance occurs, but using frogs makes sense after they’re so considerable.

The line is about three yrs outdated but my rod stays at the back of my truck in the climate. berkley 3w1230 wire-wound steelon leaders. My line breaks about ten minutes in combat. Some nights it breaks over the strike.

I value all the good facts. Heading tonight with my sons Because it seems like fun at night. I’m a newbe for fishing for cats. Hoping for that best. Caught one a number of weeks again throughout the day. filleted it and it tasted fantastic! Likely right after some extra.

Ive caught way more catfish at night than while in the daytime. In addition it will depend on your site. Im from a small jug fishing town in illinois. Me and a gaggle of buddys can get our coleman lanterns and our tackle and fish the night absent.

Nicely, I agree, this claimed a lot of folks You should not fish for or focus on flatheads inside the daytime just because of this. Big slip-up, just given that they bite improved at night doesn't jug fishing suggest they won't smack down a fantastic bait in the daytime.

Howdy Jewel L Tatom Jr., catching catfish at night appears like a great part of the state and a fantastic lake for many key catfishing. Have you caught numerous good catfish from Lake Erling this summer months.

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